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writing skills training

Writing is an intensely personal process for most people. No one enjoys criticism of their writing style and especially lawyers, for whom writing is a core skill. Lawyers tend to be good with words but they use them for specialist purposes which are generally inappropriate for sales and marketing.

When writing client publications, lawyers often fail to tailor the content to their non-legal audience. They don’t focus on the business issues; they don’t adjust length to reflect their audience’s appetite for information; and they don’t include calls to action aimed at generating new instructions.

Training addresses all of these issues and also concentrates on key style changes to help them write in the language of their clients. Sessions include tips and techniques for achiving the right:

  • headings
  • openings
  • tone
  • content
  • language
  • length

Training can be provided in group or individual sessions and tailored to need. Sessions can be all-day, half-day or over a lunch hour.

Clients include Herbert Smith, CMS Cameron McKenna and Taylor Wessing. The most popular courses are:

  • writing client publications
  • legal drafting
  • general business writing

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