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You can’t beat a quote when you’re looking for a good way to start an article.

my portfolio

Here is a list of some of the types of writing I do and the people I work with.


Here’s how to get in touch.

it’s or its?

That little apostrophe causes so much trouble for so many people. Here’s how to distinguish the contraction (it’s) from the possessive (its).

ten business writing tips

It takes more than 10 steps to write well. But this is a good place to start.

cognitive overload

Cognitive overload is a wonderfully pseudo-scientific label for the moment your eyes glaze over, and you stop taking anything in.


Read my basic guide to punctuation.

writing skills training

Learn to adapt your style to suit the medium and your audience. It needn’t be an ordeal.

shall and will

The word shall has been a dominant force in legal drafting for a very long time. But for how much longer?

the curse of nominalisation

Nominalisation is just grandiloquence for the utilisation of abstract nouns instead of verbs. And that’s the problem…

plain words for lawyers

Guidance for writing about the law may have changed a little over time, but not much.

jargon: the fightback

Finally, someone in the public sector has broken ranks and declared war on jargon. Someone had to do it.